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淳瑕 转:有时候累了,就上微博看看重庆的书记又换谁了,张德江的前任是薄熙来,薄熙来的前任是汪洋,汪洋的前任是张德江,张德江的前任是薄熙来…..然后一言不发,一个人关机睡觉,突然觉得,这他妈的才是生活。
chunjiazhuan: Sometimes when I am tired, I go on Weibo to see who is the new Chongqing Party Secretary. Zhang Dejiang’s predecessor was Bo Xilai, Bo Xilai’s predecessor was Wang Yang, Wang Yang’s predecessor was Zhang Dejiang, Zhang Dejiang’s predecessor was Bo Xilai. Without a word, I shut off the computer and fall asleep. I suddenly feel, this shit is just life.*

@KuiGG: “In 2015, three inmates at Qincheng Prison* chat about their reasons for being there. The first says, ‘I’m here because I opposed Bo Xilai.’ The second says, ‘I’m here because I flattered Bo Xilai.’ And the third says, ‘F**k, I am Bo Xilai!’”
[Qincheng is a maximum security prison outside Beijing that holds high-profile prisoners including, during the Cultural Revolution, Bo's father Bo Yibo.]


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